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Contact Adapt-A-Door to get the right buttons, activators, and transmitters for your power door needs. We look forward to serving your sales and technical support requirements when it comes to Door-Aid products and technology.

Call 800-493-8377 for trade-ins of buttons or operators of Door-Aid models that are less than 10 years old.
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Power Door Components

  • RB200 – Direct-wire activator
  • PT200 – Personal transmitter
    • Convenient key-ring size
    • 250 codes
  • DA300 – Wireless receiver and relay control board
    • Used to actuate lock strikes and magnetic locks
    • 24V DC
  • DS7 – Microwave motion sensor
    • High-performance microwave sensor to fully automate door
    • Available in wide (DS7W) or narrow (DS7N)
  • TR-24 – Transformer (for DS7 or electric lock strike)
    • 24 VAC
    • 1/2 AMP
  • DA1100 – Relay control board
    • This has been redesigned into the DA300 wireless receiver and relay control board
    • Required for use in conjunction with electric lock strikes, magnetic locks, or sensors (Form “C” dry contacts)
    • Fits into and is powered by the operator
    • Features variable activating and reset delays
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